Gluten-Free Biscuit – Recipe Review

Gluten-Free Biscuit – Recipe Review

I made Gluten Free Baking’s gluten-free biscuit, and it was delicious!

You can find the recipe on Elizabeth’s blog, Gluten Free Baking for her amazing gluten-free biscuits. I do think they are the best gluten-free biscuit; just as promised they were flaky and tender. I served them to my family and they couldn’t tell it was gluten-free!

Notes and Substitutions

This recipe stresses that it is buttermilk free, which I appreciate since it’s often hard to find buttermilk. Even if you do find buttermilk at the store, it’s not worth it to buy a whole carton to just use a cup. However, I actually did have buttermilk on hand when I made this recipe. Luckily, I’ve found that yogurt and buttermilk are interchangeable for most recipes, so I subbed it back one for one.

Recommended Pairings

Fried Chicken Sando

I made these biscuits as the vessel for my fried chicken sandwiches. You can read more about the recipe and assembly on my blog soon!

Jam, Butter, and Honey

If you’re more of sweets person, this biscuit tasted awesome with a big fat pat of butter, strawberry jam, or honey.

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