Make This Zesty Cucumber and Oregano Cocktail “The Bright and Crisp” For a Fantastic Light Drink

Juicy muddled cucumber and bright oregano infused simple syrup dress up a classic base of vodka, lime, and soda for a light cocktail that refreshes and rejuvenates you.

A Refreshing Cucumber and Oregano Cocktail

When do you need a refreshing cocktail?

  • When it’s hot out
  • When you’re about to eat a heavy meal
  • When you’re obsessed with cucumber drinks

The “Bright and Crisp” is the answer to all the above situations.

After a decade as a home chef, I’ve been applying my flavor pairing skills to mixology with the goal of creating a light, refreshing cocktail as the opening act before a heavy meal.

What makes this cocktail invigorating:

Muddled cucumber

Cucumbers invoke a notion of health in a drink – green juice smoothies, spa water, a Mediterranean vacation.

Oregano simple syrup

Fresh herbs infused in a 1:1 ratio of sugar-water simple syrup add the je ne sais quoi factor (a quality that you can’t quite describe).

Simple base of vodka

The clear, flavorless nature of vodka makes it the perfect alcohol for a cucumber-forward cocktail.

Enjoy this light cucumber and oregano cocktail!

All these components make a cocktail that is easy to drink and can be served on a hot summer day or before a night of unchecked gluttony.


  • cocktail shaker and muddler (or…a metal bowl and blunt object like a pestle or meat tenderizer – get creative!)
  • vegetable peeler for making cucumber ribbons and toothpicks to secure them
  • small pot
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Adjust Servings
3cups soda water
cups lime juice
2cups vodka
½cup oregano simple syrup
½cup cucumbers, in quarter cubes (for muddling)
½cup limes, in quarter cubes (for muddling)
lime zest from one lime (for rim)
salt (for rim)
oregano leaves (for garnish)
cucumber ribbons (for garnish)
Oregano Simple Syrup
1bunch fresh oregano sprigs
½cup water
½cup sugar



Make simple syrup

Simmer ½ cup water and ½ cup sugar until sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add a bunch of oregano. Let it cool completely.
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Muddle cucumbers and limes

Muddle approximately ½ cup of cubed cucumbers and ½ cup of quartered limes. Pour in 2 cups vodka to shake and soak. If making ahead, soak the vodka overnight.
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Prepare glasses

Rim glasses with a mix of salt and lime zest. Put in ice.
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Mix cocktail

Strain vodka so there are no solids leftover from muddling. Mix the vodka with 3 cups soda water, 1½ cups lime juice, and ½ cup cooled oregano simple syrup.
Pour into rimmed glasses. Peel cucumbers with vegetable peeler to make ribbons and fasten with a toothpick. Garnish with oregano leaves and cucumber ribbons.
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