Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Use high-quality, fresh ingredients in this mint chocolate-chip ice cream and the power of their natural flavors is sure to wow you!

Ice Cream Made with Fresh Mint

You will be surprised at the flavor – it’s actually not what you expect “mint chocolate chip ice cream” to taste like, if you’ve only ever had the typical store bought Dreyer’s. I knew I was shocked. The first bite tastes very minty and surprising, but the more you eat it, the more addicting it becomes.

I adapted this fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe from Jeni Britton Bauer’s “Backyard Mint” recipe in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. I love her method of using a starch and cream cheese to get a richer, chewier texture out of your ice cream. However, I really love chocolate in fresh mint ice cream, so this is where the creativity began…

Mint Stracciatella – Better Than Your Typical Chocolate Chips

I have a problem with the tasteless chocolate chips you get in a lot of store-bought ice cream. They are cold, hard, and unforgiving to chew. Chocolate isn’t meant to be chewed.

To solve this issue, I looked to Italian stracciatella where they stream melted chocolate into cold gelato as its churning. By the time it hits the gelato, it freezes, creating irregular but delicate chocolate flakes that melt in your mouth.

But it doesn’t stop there – to achieve truely melt-in-your-mouth goodness, I combine the stracciatella method with the recipe for DIY magic shell. If you’re not familiar, Hershey’s sells this chocolate shell topping that’s liquid chocolate at room temperature but freezes upon contact with cold ice cream. The secret to doing this at home is coconut oil, which is solid in colder rooms. (In fact its pretty much always solid in my San Francisco apartment.)

The magic-shell chocolate is very dainty – it melts in your mouth as it touches your tongue with just a hint of floral coconut flavor.

To round it all out – I also add a bit of salt. Because salt is FLAVOR and I love salt. Especially in ice cream.

You’ll love this fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream that is jam-packed with the flavor of refreshing peppermint and bittersweet, subtly salty chocolate.

🍳Recommended Equipment

  • medium-size pot
  • whisk
  • ice cream machine – I use the KitchenAid ice cream attachment which includes a freezer bowl, paddle, and adaptors to use with my KitchenAid stand mixer
  • ice cream storage container

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Adjust Servings
2cups whole milk
cup heavy cream
cup sugar
3tablespoons cream cheese
4teaspoons potato starch
1bunch peppermint
Chocolate Stracciatella
3.5ounces dark chocolate
1teaspoon coconut oil
½teaspoon salt



Prepare ice bath

Make ice bath in a large bowl that's big enough to accommodate your medium bowl (you'll be using the ice bath to chill the liquid that goes in the medium bowl).
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Prepare slurry

In a small bowl, mix 4 tsp potato starch with 2 tbsp of milk.
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Assemble base and boil

In a medium pot, combine remaining milk (2 cups minus 2 tbsp), 1½ cup heavy cream, and ⅔ cup sugar.
On medium heat, bring it to a gentle boil for 5 minutes.
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Add slurry

Pour in slurry (starch and milk mixture) and boil for 1 minute
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Whisk in cream cheese

Take off heat and pour into a medium bowl.
Whisk in 3 tbsp cream cheese.
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Add peppermint

I recommend ripping leaves in half so that the mint releases its flavor. Soak one bunch of peppermint.
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Cool and steep

Stir over ice bath until cooled. Put into fridge and let steep for two hours.
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Make in ice cream maker

Pour ice cream into your ice cream maker and complete per manufacturer's instructions.
When done, pour into your ice cream container and let set in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, but overnight for best results. Enjoy!
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